This I promise you

This I promise you

My life had not been easy. I was confused, puzzled, lost and unsure of where to go like a road that looms forever yet goes nowhere. At night, that road would be engulfed in pure darkness, devoid of any light, as my path becomes layered with broken glass, and sharp metals every step of the way. The wind would howl with its cold fangs burning my skin while it brought forth a foul stench of the a dead rotten animal. I felt the terror of what looms onward as I can taste its blood lust focusing on me whose main objective was to bring me more suffering. Lashes of rage as my fist would hit other people’s faces, my eyes filled with fury, and my clothes would smell of cheap cigar and vodka as my mouth would spit drops of blood by the end of the night.

I would walk this road as if I had no other choice but to move forward. The regrets, the disappointments,  and the pain would be etched into my soul creating wounds, bruises and lacerations as I bleed profusely everywhere yet no one there to care nor see me at all. I was alone, tired and wounded. Yet no one could hear my screams, and no one could see how deep my cuts were. I was clinging to hope that tomorrow would be different but that hope started fading away. I thought that if only I could be better, if only I had helped, then maybe I could leave this place…. if only…

As I lie here, holding you inside my arms, reminiscing of the old, I am glad that I met you. If I had to do my life all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. If I change something differently then I may not have met you. You were worth all the pain and all the sadness that I have endured. You were the light that took the darkness away. Your kind hand brought relief to my wounds and melted my frozen heart away. I never thought I could be happy the way I am now. When I met you, it was as if a thousand years of happiness conspired and I felt all of them in one day. It was as if the universe fell in love with my soul and blanketed my life with love by giving me… you.

You made me the happiest man in the world. I want to thank you for that so I will dedicate my life making you the happiest woman on Earth as well.

This I promise you.

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