This world can be

This world can be

old couple

This world can be suffocating at times. Everyone has their own problems that they need to deal with. Sometimes our burdens are so heavy that we cannot even move, we feel stuck, cornered, unsure of everything and alone. The sun sets and darkness approaches, its cold harsh grip chokes us, the light vanishes from our eyes as we try to fall asleep and hope that tomorrow would be better. Sometimes, morning comes and we face the same problems over and over again. We try and try to crawl out of the world that we have, little by little, even if we can barely move forward. At times everything feels wrong as tears of hopelessness fall from our eyes, and we feel powerless.

I spent years of my life wondering whether the love that they talk about in the movies and books were ever real. If I will ever experience this type of love that is passionate, relentless, caring, and “happily ever after” in every sense of that phrase. In a world where people would step on your corpse to get a little higher, will drag you down to get a little ahead, a world where everyone puts more value on material possessions than the kindness in people’s hearts, I often wondered whether such a thing called love can even grow or can it even exist.

In this world, I am happy that I met you.

The moment I met you, I was no longer lonely. My world changed and it became beautiful in one single moment. I found a hand to hold when I am at the movies, I can stare at your beautiful eyes when I am in a restaurant, I have someone to hug just before I go to sleep, and I have someone to kiss after I wake up from sleeping. Out of 7 billion people on this Earth, I found someone that is willing to share her happiness with me, took shelter in my arms in times of her sadness, explore this world that she lives in while holding my hand, and experience every day of her life with me by her side. If that is not fairy tale love that they talked about in stories then I do not know what is.

Even now, as we grow old together and our time on this planet gets shorter, I still feel like the luckiest guy in the world for having spent the majority of my life with you in it.



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