Top 10 Jobs I Want To Do

Top 10 Jobs I Want To Do

I was thinking what types of jobs I would do and if I have the skills to do them? I currently do not have the skills to do some of the jobs that I am going to list but I can see myself getting the required skills in a couple of years and performing well on these jobs.


10. National Park Ranger


What kind of hiker does not want to be a park ranger? I get to hike, get to spend time in the outdoors, I get to rescue people, do some law enforcement, get government benefits. Plus I get to wear cool hats and nice uniform. It is one of the best jobs ever. Sounds adventurous, easy on some days, good pay, and I get to be in the outdoors. I don’t know if there is an age limit. When I applied to being an NYPD officer, I think the age limit is at 35. I think I was top 3 on the written test but did not show up to the physical assessment test. Park ranger most likely has an age limit also.


9. Wildlife Firefighter

One of the best jobs ever. I get to be a hero and I get to have a firefighter uniform. I will repeat that again, a FIREFIGHTER UNIFORM. You go costco or walmart wearing a firefighter uniform and all the ladies will be drooling. It is one of the sexiest uniforms and professions out there. You get a good adventurous job and your wife is going to think that you are so hot. All your neighbors are going to think that you are so hot hahahaha


8. Creating Youtube Videos

A friend of mine wanted to create youtube videos before. I do not know if he ever did but he liked the idea. I thought about it before also. If I will do it, I will make motivational videos, cooking videos, and something about art or writing. Maybe teach people how to speak Tagalog or something. Those were my ideas before.


7. Chef

I love to cook so I would start a restaurant business. Most likely some sort of Asian fusion restaurant. I don’t want to just make Filipino foods. I want to make a variety of foods, deserts and appetizers. It would be nice also since it can be a good place to hangout after a long hike. After I hike, I can go to my restaurant and have my employees serve me food. I will be the boss and I have employees lol.


6. Sara Underwood’s Crew

I talked about this before. Sara Underwood’s crew would not be a bad job. I get to travel the USA. I get to hike and I get to take half naked pictures. One of the best jobs I can think of.


5. Life Style Video

I talked about this guy before. He has a great job. He creates lifestyle videos. He most likely has a lot of projects on the side to make money. Traveling all over the world to make videos is kind of cool. It is nice. One of the best jobs ever. You can find this guy’s instagram here


4. Song Writer or Music Maker

Making songs or making music would be a great job. I would love it always. I would work with Ed Sheeran, create lyrics and songs with him, then I get royalty pay for each song. This is a great job. I do not mind learning a music instrument and joining an orchestra also. Playing in an orchestra would be amazing. Another great job that I want to do.


3. National Geographic Photographer or Film Maker

One of the coolest jobs ever would be to be part of the National Geographic as a film maker, camera guy, photographer, or even just a crew that carries equipment. I would be traveling to different parts of the world. Trying to capture elusive wild life animals while protecting myself from danger. Sounds so adventurous.


2. Novel Writer

I want to write novels so I see myself doing this in the near future. I get to be creative, I get to be famous, people are appreciating my creation, and I get to write. One of the best jobs ever.


1. What I Am Doing Now

It is no surprise that what I am doing now will be number 1. If there is something else I would be doing, then I would be doing that. If there is a job I would rather do then I would work myself to getting the skills for that particular job. Fortunately, hiking, cooking, travel, meeting new people, writing, photography, working out and self-improvement are part of my job since I get to make money through affiliates. I do not make a lot of money but I make enough. Hopefully, in the future, I will make more. I was looking at what other hikers are doing. Some of them are old, some are terminally ill, and some are rich. All of them have one thing in common and that is that they want to spend their time hiking or being with nature. If I had the same situation as them, I would do what I am doing now which are the things that I love to do like hiking, cooking, travel, meeting new people, writing, photography, working out and self-improvement. Barely anything will change. If I am rich, I would most likely have easier time budgeting my money though lol


Anyway, I will end this at this paragraph. Spirituality and Enlightenment are very complicated but it is actually easy if I follow masculine energy which is purpose, goals, and just being badass. I just look at Keeanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, James Bond, and so on then I will know what masculine energy is and that I have lots of it because I am a badass hahaha. Masculine energy has lots of good stuff like strong male role model, strong father figure, safety, born leader, and so on. Although when people think of me, I do not believe they will picture John Wick or James Bond. I blame it all on my cute puppy eyes. So if I look at my pics here and here, I look too cute to be a badass. Those cute puppy eyes are making me look bad hahahaha. Ok I am just having fun and playing around lol hahaha



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