Tough Hike But Had A Great Time

Tough Hike But Had A Great Time

Tough hike but had a great time. The color of the leaves were changing and lots of them have already fallen. There were still plenty of green leaves though.

In this hike, at the end, there was some sort of bet. I do not know what I was supposed to win though. But it all started because I said, the fast hikers would be down by 1 hour and 45 minutes. No one believed me because it is too fast. One of the members said that if I was the first one to be at the bottom then I would win something. Whenever we hike, I was always at the back. I feel more comfortable at the back because I know where everyone is. If someone at the front gets lost then it is fine, I can find them. They know not to wander into unknown territory. But if the people at the back or the slow ones get lost, I would not know where to find them. It is less headache for me. I would always be so tired also at the end. I guess it is hard to believe that I would be faster than anyone.

I discovered that I had another skill with hiking. I can trail run. I can run these trails with rocky path, uneven terrain and slippery foot paths. I try to do it for like 10-15 minutes whenever I hike alone. I have been practicing. Trail running is becoming popular. I first saw trail runners in Mount Beacon. They were running the trails and I thought they were crazy because they were bloody. Their knees had blood dripping down and wounds. Their arms had scrapes. They were fast though and I thought they were missing out on Nature because you cannot enjoy it when running. When I started doing it, it was actually kind of fun. It is actually more natural for me running the trails than walking them. I have to bring those wrist guards for skateboarding because trail running has a high chance of falling. Those guys were bloody so I am guessing this is not safe at all. Those wrist guards protect my palms, and fingers as well. If I run up, I use hiking sticks. Running up is a lot safer than running down.

I discovered I had the skills to trail run. My eyes are very aware of my surroundings and terrain because of photography. I learned the proper way to fall down because I practiced martial arts when I was young. I kept getting thrown to the floor by big men. I had no muscles back then but I learned how to fall because of getting thrown so much. My body could handle a lot of physical pain as well because of martial arts. I would come home with black and blues on my chest, arms, and legs because of sparring. Physical pain like that does not bother me nor am I afraid of it. My ankle got badly injured when I was young. I was playing basketball and I jumped high then twisted my ankle in really bad way. I had a cast on my lower leg and crutches for months while going to school. So now even if I roll or twist my left ankle, it does not bother me at all. So I have lots of skills that allows to trail run.

I was so confident. One of the guys said that how am I going to win, a lot of people already left a long time ago. I was still there fixing my bags, and photography equipment. I just blurted out, I could give them a head start of 30 minutes and I will still win. It is true. I am the only person that can trail run in the group. I started running. It was so fun running the trails. I passed everyone. I kept going. I was zooming. I feel the wind on my hair, feel the fast beat of my heart and hear the sound of my breathing. I left everyone behind. I was jumping, using my hands as leverage, and running. When I passed everyone and left everyone, when I had a 10-15 minute advantage, I slowed down.

I started thinking what if the members get lost. What will happen if someone gets injured? What will happen if unforeseen events happen? If people get lost then they will be afraid, and some may think that they are going to die and stuff. It is like the Blair Witch Movie. At the fork, I waited for them. I was at the mid point in 15-20 minutes. I was waiting for them. The safety of my members were more important than winning a bet. I mean if I win, I get to gloat, I get to have fun, and etc. but not worth it. A good leader has a clear vision and people see that vision so they join in. My vision was to have a good hike, good exercise, and enjoy the fall foliage. This is what made people join and follow me to this trail. Losing the bet and a little pride is good enough compared to losing my members respect and my self-respect as person that leads. So I waited for them, took pictures and relaxed. One of the members actually used the photo I took while resting as her cover photo. When I waited for everyone, she said that I was responsible. Responsible is not really something I would describe myself. I take a lot of risk and leave my comfort zone a lot. It is the reason I cannot date hahahaha because I want to retire already. Judging from my situation right now, I guess it is a little bit presumptuous that I would start from scratch and retire in a year. I still have 2.5 months left. I am going to keep fighting, and I am going to fight and work hard.

I still have 3 more hikes left. A friend of mine who joins my hikes a lot could not make it last Saturday so she asked me to make an event this Saturday. I was actually planning to go there on Sunday but she could not go on Sunday. Moving my plans to Saturday is not really that big of a deal. She wants to see the colors and the fall foliage. She had a great time last year, I think, not sure. She likes to take pictures and I am going there to take pictures as well so it is good. My vision coincides with hers. The more people the better. Photography is also one of the reasons I cannot trail run all the time. I take my time, enjoy nature and pay close attention to my surroundings for good angles and photos. The problem is carpool. She is going to carpool with me because she requested the hike. If I give her to another carpool and they cancel at the last minute then she is not going.So she has to carpool with me. I have 2 more people that needs carpool and I am not sure how to get them a ride at the moment.

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