What Is A Light Worker?

What Is A Light Worker?

What Is A Light Worker?

There are a lot of theories about this term Lightworker. A lot of them sound so crazy and so stupid. Some people say lightworkers come from 10th dimensional space or where ever that is and some say that Satan is becoming powerful so God created lightworkers and sent them on earth. Some say there is a battle on Earth so lightworkers volunteered to come here to help and so on. There are so many crazy theories about this term. The common belief is that a human lightworker is a person that brings in light. They have a lot of light and they use this light to help others. They are healers. They heal people, animals, plants, water, air, earth and etc. Common professions that light workers have are doctors, nurses, teachers, psychologists and so on.

At first, I thought this term is used to make people feel special or a way to toot your own horn, or make people feel more gifted than others. I realized a long time ago that we all have our gifts. Everyone is special which means no one is special. So at first, I thought this term is complete BS because it is just a term used to create an illusion that you are special when in reality you are not since no one is special.

I was wrong in a sense that this term is not used to make someone feel special. This term is used as a coping mechanism or healing mechanism. A lot of the people that are described as lightworkers have a hard time with their life. In the past, they were in a lot of pain because they were lost, confused, and have no idea where they were going. There was just a lot of fear and uncertainty in their lives. This term is actually used more as a coping mechanism to say that hey dude, it is fine to be yourself. Just listen to your inner voice. This term or the experiences that people had, applied to me so I thought I should write about this because if there is such a thing as a lightworker then I am most likely a light worker.


Problems Facing Human Light Workers

Love Yourself First

Lightworkers have a big problem loving themselves first. At least, this is what happened to me when I was in my 20s. We always think about other people first before we think of our own. In Korea, they have table manners or drinking etiquette. You have to pour alcohol to other people and you cannot pour alcohol to yourself. This is what a light worker suffers from. We fill everyone’s glass and we never fill our own. Everyone has alcohol, everyone is enjoying themselves, everyone is enjoying the taste and experience of alcohol and we do not have any for our own glass. We try to give better experiences to others and try to give others an easier life or better life by sacrificing our own life and experiences. So everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves and then we look at ourselves and we have nothing. We did not prepare anything for ourselves but we prepared so much for others.

We need to love ourselves first. We need to do this because this is our path towards our happiness. A lot of things make sense after we start loving ourselves more. We get to know ourselves better, we figure out better solutions, and we do not feel trap at all because we gain new knowledge, security, certainty and we always feel that we are not alone.


Enjoying Your Solitude

We enjoy our solitude too much. It is not really a bad thing but we tend to be anti social. A lot of light workers have a sense of compassion and we have a sense of empathy. This empathy makes us very anti-social. If we go to an organization, group or party and we feel that the room has a lot of negativity rather than positivity, we will never go back there. We can feel other people’s emotions a lot easier than most people. We tend to stay away from people that are very negative because we absorb those emotions. We feel those negativity. We have problems setting boundaries. We cannot say “this is my emotion, that is your emotion and we should never exchange”. If a person feels depress, we end up feeling depress because we absorb the emotions that they are putting out to the world.

We do not like to be around people who bring a lot of negativity at least if the environment is positive. If we are in a hospital, or funeral, or etc, then we can handle it. But if we are in a party, church, restaurant or any place meant to be fun, or peaceful then we do not like to be around negativity.


Heavy Burden Of Guilt

If there is one thing that makes lightworkers so weird is guilt. A lot of us feel guilty with everything that is happening to ourselves and to the world. For women, it can be something like rejecting a guy. The guy will feel bad about himself and the girl will feel so bad as well. She will be like “I still want to be friends, I don’t want you to feel sorry for yourself, don’t want you feel bad, I want you to feel good, I did not want to be the cause of your suffering.” She is going to start feeling those things. It is guilt that she could not make everyone happy, guilt that she could not heal people, and guilt that she is the cause of someone’s suffering. Sometimes you will start thinking, why is this girl so weird hahahahaha. Why is she thinking this?

What is common for guys is guilt and then anger towards himself. At least, this is what I observed. When a guy gets bullied, or someone is mean to him, he will feel lots of anger towards himself because of guilt. Let’s say a guy is walking on the streets, and he passed by someone and this person said something mean to him like he is stupid or an idiot or a racist comment. The lightworker will just ignore him because initially he will think this guy is crazy or not worth the attention. But after sometime, this scenario will play over in his mind again and it will hurt his feelings, he will feel powerless and this will cause him anger. All of these emotions will come from guilt. He is feeling guilty that he did not do anything. The phrase here is that “he did not do anything” and this will cause him to feel guilt. Deep down inside there is a part of him that wanted to punch the guy and beat him up so that he will not hurt others and the guy will become a better human being. It is like he is taking the role of the teacher and he felt strongly inside that this guy will hurt other people and that he should have done something to put him in the right track like punch him. Not doing anything will cause him guilt. It is even worst if the lightworker gets robbed, someone put a knife or gun towards him and etc. He will feel guilty that he survived and that he did not do anything.

Light workers have to lighten the load. We try to take on a heavy burden of changing the world. Maybe this is inside of us or innately within us. Maybe there is something inside of us that is pushing us to change the world. But we have to forgive ourselves for not being able to work towards it or fail. We should not carry too much burden. We have to lighten the load on our backs. It is not our responsibility to take on everything and every scenario. There are a lot of people trying to change the world so do not take on everything and remember that we are not responsible for everything.


You Do Not Belong

There is always this feeling that you do not belong. There is always this feeling that you do not fit in or this place is not for you. You feel that a lot of people do not understand you. You may say something positive or neutral and people will interpret it as negative. You do not understand how they got to that conclusion or what they are thinking. It is because we are living in a world based on survival. I will explain this like this. So around the world, people are mixing dangerous chemicals on counterfeit foods and they are distributing these goods which makes people sick or kills other people. For example, you buy barbecue marinade. You found out that this bottle is counterfeit. It has poison, metals and other stuff that can kill you. This is happening all over the world except maybe USA. So people have no problem creating products that can kill others as long as they make money. Human beings are selling people as objects and slaves. So we have all these actions that are meant to make money and these actions hurt other people, animals, nature or planet earth.

We have a light worker, and he is cleaning his house in the winter. This person finds a spider in a corner of his house. He feels so bad to just put his broom on the spider to kill it since the spider is not doing anything to harm him. He put the spider on his broom gently and e thought that he should let this spider go outside rather than kill it. He then realizes it is winter and the spider will just die. He now has a problem on what he is going to do with the spider. Ultimately, he just decided to kill it.

So there is such a big difference between the way a lightworker thinks and the way the world thinks. This makes light workers have a hard time fitting in, have a hard time expressing himself, and have a hard time making others understand him. So this makes him more anti-social. But in the end, light workers are motivated to improve themselves so once they find that they are amazing or they find self-love, everything makes sense and everything becomes easy.


Other People Find You Intimidating And A Competition

You are a light bearer or you bring a lot of value to people’s lives. Just by being near people, they feel calm, joyful and positive. Other people will see you as a competition and a threat. They will try to bring you down. They will say bad things behind your back, they will spread a lot of gossip, and they will try their best to stop you from fulfilling your best potential. They will be an obstacle in your path to becoming the best version of yourself. It is because they fear that they will lose their way of life, their ideals, their security, their safety, their lovers, and so on because of you. You can just read my article about not listening to what other people say also.


Conflict Between Living A Human Life Versus Following Your Calling

Money VS Helping Others

One of the main conflicts that lightworker’s possess is whether to use their time to make money or help others. This is because helping others will often not bring any money nor any wealth. Helping others will often mean an uncertain future. So people are in conflict whether to work or devote themselves to helping people. Sometimes people are in conflict because making money or their job will not help people but may cause others to suffer. What should a light worker do? There is a theory that light workers are afraid of their own power and their own amazingness which is why they choose to go do the easy path or they choose survival and sense of certainty. People will try to distract themselves with video games, television, drugs, alcohol and whatever so that they will not face this dilemma in their free time. Once they get bored with this, they will create their own problems in terms of finances, relationships and etc to further distract them and not face this inner conflict.

Normal Life VS Adventure

Another inner conflict is to lead a normal life or a life of adventure. It is like a choice between having a family or having a normal relationship as oppose to joining a non-profit organization to save some type of animal or save nature. Any scenario that is similar to this one. There is an inner conflict whether to settle for a nromal life or live a life of adventure or live a life based on passion. We are always trying to figure out how to fulfill both types of desire. It is like living a normal life where you work 9-5 and you have a lover and both of you are getting ready for a family. As oppose to taking a plane trip to go protest on Dakota Access Pipeline and live there for as long as possible or maybe go join a non-profit organization to sail around the world to save whales or something like that.


Theory Of Responsibility

There is a theory that lightworkers are having these conflicts because they refuse to take responsibility of their own power. They refuse to see how powerful they are, how amazing they are, and how they can do anything they want. People are afraid to look at their own light. It is because if they do, their whole life will change. They do not know what will happen. Everything that they built, everything they find safe or secure, and everything they find satisfying will cease to exist. They may change their lovers, change their habits and change their whole lives. Change scares them. This is based on fear of the future. As long as light workers refuse to take responsibility of their own power then they will always be plagued with petty distractions, petty problems that they blow up, pointless experiences, and paths that lead nowhere. At least, this is what theory states.


We Get Allergies When

Whenever we fear the future, we become uncertain of the future, or we do not feel safe with our environment, we get allergies. Anytime we do not feel safe or secure, we get sick. So if when we are young, if our parents are fighting, our parents are away, or we do not feel loved, we get allergies or we become sick. Whenever we do not feel safe, we do not feel secure or we do not feel that we are loved, it is easy for us to become sick. It is because at some deeper level of our subconscious, we feel that our environment is not safe at all.


What I Love About Being A Lightworker

We Bring Positive Emotions

Once a lightworker realizes self-love, he starts to shed all of his insecurities. He eliminates a lot of fear that goes on with his life. He becomes more assertive, more passionate, more secure and more sure of himself. We have lots of light, darkness has no control over us anymore. We are like high lumen flashlights, darkness cannot even get near us. Fear trembles and disappears on our path. This makes us very happy, joyous, and positive. If you put us in a room with others, we will stand out for no reason whatsoever. A lot of people want to be near us. People just want to feel that good vibration coming out of us. People are a lot happier when we are near them, people have an easier time having fun, they feel more secure and they feel more like themselves. People feel comfortable and that they can express themselves when we are near. We got super powers hahahaha



One of the common things that you will see is that people are trying to copy your light. They try to copy it so that everyone will smile, feel good about themselves, and so on. But they cannot do it or they cannot keep it for long periods of time. This is because we are all different. Each light is different. Each person is different. You will have your own light and your own way of making people feel happy and joyful. It is going to be hard for you to copy others unless you two are very similar. I have a friend and he is so funny that we feel good being near him. A lot of people try to copy him but no one can. I try to copy him but I know better. I know that I have my own light and or my own way of making others feel good, have fun and so on.

Jim Carrey works on his own light. He likes to be funny, he likes to affect people, and he likes to bring out the best in people. He does this by using his talents, his gifts and what he learned. He is using his own light. It could be a copy of lots of people’s light, a mix of other attributes that people influenced but he has his own way. It is the same thing for us, we can copy other people to find our own light but in the end, we will be a lot more comfortable and happy using our own.


We Spread Love And Attract Positive People

We have an affinity for love. Love is very easy for us. We are so connected to it. We do a great job communicating this feeling and communicating it to other people. It is because we are filled with love which is a feeling that is non-judgmental, we attract a lot of positive people in our lives. Happy people are drawn to us and we are drawn to them. There is like a magnet that makes people stick to us. People become interested in us and become intrigued by us. They want to know more about us. We are like a rare pokemon hahahaha.


We Can Read People Through Empathy

In this world that we live in, people live with masks on. We hide lots of things about ourselves because this is a safety mechanism. We fear that if people find out about us, we will not be accepted. The person that we are romantically interested in may not find us attractive. A lot of times whenever we are in a social environment, we hide parts of ourselves and only show certain parts. Some people may even lie about themselves to fit in.

There are times when we can read people. We know who they are and what they are thinking. We can feel their vibration or their emotions. So if someone is projecting that they are happy, we can feel that they are sad inside or confuse or running away. There are times when we can read people. This usually happens when people are being opposite of being themselves or they feel insecure. When people feel insecure, we get a glimpse of who they are inside through empathy. Another super power we have hahahahaha.


Light Workers Are More Expressive Or Honest

A lot of us have emphatic abilities. We can sense what other people are thinking or feeling. This allows us to be more expressive or honest. If people are thinking the same thing or feeling the same thing then we have less inhibitions because we have a sense or we can somewhat see what they are thinking. We are more expressive or more honest because we have less desire to hide ourselves or hide behind a mask. This also has to do when you love yourself, you are more comfortable of yourself. So if you accept yourself, other people will accept you too. At least, the good ones that are worth keeping will.


We Love Nature

We are connected with nature. Nature revitalizes us. We feel at home when we are with nature. There is something about nature that makes us happy. It is like we belong with nature. There are many things that can drain our energy. But nature revitalizes our energies. After hiking, I feel more happy and more productive. I feel like I can do anything and more open to the world. There is something about nature that has a connection with us.


We Respect Different Forms Of Life – Animals, Insects and Even Plant Life

We have a respect for different forms of life. We recognize that we are all on Earth and we are all trying to live. We try to give as much respect and love to the people that live on Earth. We try to give the same respect to animals, insects and even plant life like forests. We try to respect the ocean and keep it clean. We have an affinity to nature and in this way we have an affinity with everything that lives with it. We recognize that we are all trying to enjoy nature and planet Earth so in a sense we are all connected in that way. It is hard to explain this connection with other living things but I just know it is there.


We Want To Give Back When We Feel Abundance

We give back when we can give back. Simple as that.


What Should Lightworkers Be Doing?

I do not know if there is one thing that we should be doing. One thing I know is that we should embrace our inner light. We need to accept our inner light and realize that we are amazing. We are meant to shine, and not meant to hide our light. We are here to do good so just accept that. Stop with the distractions, stop with the fear, and start moving. We are not doing ourselves a favor by holding ourselves back. Do what feels right and encourage others to do what feels right as well. It is because our main adversaries are going to be light workers that have not awakened yet or stuck in self pity or in fear. They are going to try to snuffed our light out and try to prevent us from doing our purpose or from shining our light. It is because we represent who they can become. They are stuck in fear. They want to drag us back to the darkness where they reside. So best thing you can do is love yourself, and embrace your inner light that you are here on Earth to do good.




Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.