What Is A Soul?

What Is A Soul?


This is what I understand from the current beliefs and theories circulating around. It is like a collection of Buddhist, Hinduism, Christianity, New Age Movement, People that believe in chakras, people that believe in psychics, and etc. My explanation will be more around Christianity because that is the religion I was born into. I could only explain it in such a way what is the same, differences and similarities. These ideas are very accepted when it comes to the spiritual community that believes in meditation, spirit guides, psychics, higher self, dimensions, chakras and etc but there will be variations but they are all the same in a sense that the soul has 2 qualities. These ideas explain why there are poor people, disabled, people in pain, rich people, people with wealth and so on. This article will explain why there is such a big diversity and why wasn’t I born into a rich family or why I am not rich right now.

There are 2 qualities of the soul that are assumed in this article. The following theories, ideas and statements will all revolve around these two qualities. These are the two qualities that I feel to be true at least according to my logical mind, and my intuition. You will have your own mind and your own intuition so you may or may not agree with me. However, I believe that these two qualities are very true. The two qualities of the soul has are that the 1. soul is eternal and 2. the soul is loved.

Note: No need to get mad if we believe different things. If your beliefs are the opposite then just believe that your beliefs are true or better than mine. You do not need to prove it to me or force it on me. I’m just presenting ideas and concepts that I learned.


You Are Loved

When I was young or around 7 years old, I almost died so many times. Maybe around 4 or 5 times. Even at a young age, I was always so wild. I would go to the backyard of my neighbors, explore their property and jump from one wall to another. One day, I was with my cousin and we jumped through this gate. Unfortunately, I slipped and stabbed myself. The gate had very pointy spears like most gates that you see. It went into my left leg or left thigh. Fortunately, it missed every artery and vein and vital spots so I manage to have no side effects of that accident other than a big scar. I almost got run over by a big minivan. I was running and the driver hit the gas at the wrong moment when I was crossing the street. The driver and I weren’t paying attention. When I turned I saw the front of the van and I touched it. I heard the tires screeching. Another story is I was riding this jeep. I was outside or at the back and I was feeling the wind or just chilling at the back. My slippers touched the ground. My body followed. My hands managed to hold on but I was getting dragged by the jeep. My feet had bruises and wounds due to the friction because I was getting dragged. Now, I do not have any scars from that though. My Mom bought me a bike. I would take that bike on this street with a big slope going down. I would keep going there over and over even though my brakes were gone. One day, I lost control and the bike flipped. I went tumbling over and over due to the speed. I was always sick back then. I could not get out of the house at times due to asthma. My environment was just very polluted and the air was very polluted that my body could not handle it.

This is how I know I am loved. I could have died so many times. I was the weakest person in the group. Now I feel strong. I feel like I could take on this world and conquer it. Well, these are the events in my life where I feel that there is a higher power at play that is helping me experience my purpose here on Earth. I am sure that there is something for everyone. Where they experience something and felt that they were not alone. Maybe it is just me also and I am special hahahaha.


You Are Eternal And You Are Loved

I was in Starbucks with my ex girlfriend one day. She was talking about what she needs to do for her religion. I think it was called Sinulog or something. It is a Christian tradition in Philippines. Anyway, she said something like we have to praise God because we are his slaves. We have to do his will and laws. I said something like, if you are His slaves and all of your friends are His slaves then we are different because I am His friend. She could not believe I said that but it was true. I feel very close to God. God to me is more like family than a friend actually. I feel more of a God that loves me rather than a spiritual entity that watches over us and does not do anything.


The Idea Of Hell And People Living There For Eternity

If you did something evil then God will punish you and sent you to hell along with Satan. He is going to send you to hell and forsake you forever. In there, you will suffer eternal pain for all eternity. This theory never made any sense to me. The God that I know or feel, loves me unconditionally. Does God only love you if you are good. Does your God will not love you anymore if you are evil. The theory states that your God will forsake you if you are evil.

I asked this question, “what would happen if I was in hell?” Let’s say I did something evil and I ended up in hell. I am in major pain, and I am being tortured and everything. I prayed and asked God, “Hello God, I am kind of having a bad time in hell, can you save me please?” If I ask this then what would God’s answer be? He would say, “sure, I will save you because I love you.” The God that I know is full of love for me. It is unconditional love. He will never forsake me or let me rot in hell for eternity. Let me ask you, if your parents love you, and they see you suffering, would they forsake you and leave you alone? How about you? If you see someone you love and they are suffering for eternity, would you forsake that person and leave that person alone? I do not think so. If my dog does something bad like bite me or hurt me, I am not going to make it suffer or punish it for eternity.

If you believe in hell, and if you believe that your God has forsaken you then just call my name. I am going to ask my God to save you from hell and he will do it because he loves me. If you are in hell and there is nothing more you can do then you have nothing to lose by calling my name. If your God will forsake you and not love you anymore, and my God loves me forever and ever. I am sure my God will save you.


Your Soul Is Eternal. New Soul Versus Old Soul Theory

The new soul theory is what the Bible has. You go to Earth as a new soul. This soul will either end up in heaven or in hell depending on the decision that it makes. So that is what the Christians believe when it comes to souls. It is a belief that you came here on Earth as a new soul without any prior experience. The theory of the old soul is that you reincarnate on Earth over and over.

To further explain this let’s go back to my analogy. God just saved me from hell, and I am in heaven. I was talking to God and I am like, “hey God, I totally messed up my life. I was so messed up and did not do a good job. I did not have a good experience. Can you send me back?” God will be like “Sure, I love you after all. I will send you back? Any particular time you want since I am very powerful and can do anything.” I will reply and say something like, “I want to be a good guy this time. I want good personality traits. I do not want to be rich. I want to help people.” God will reply, “Sure, there is this couple that is about to give birth in 1800s and they will have a baby girl. I will send you there and give you talents, friends, and events that will help you stay good and help you do good in this world.”

After that life, I ask God again to reincarnate me to a different life and a different time to experience something new. I do this over and over and over so that my soul will experience different emotions, events and learn as much as I can. This is the theory behind the old soul.


Your Soul Can Reincarnate As A Male, Female, Animal, Tree, Object, Even Molecules

So your soul is eternal and living in heaven. Your soul always feels loved and happy that it got bored out of its mind. You soul wants to experience something else other than positivity. There is no uncertainty in the afterlife. You are eternal, nothing can hurt you, even if you hurt yourself, you already know you are going to live through it, and even if you are in intense pain or in hell, God will save you. There is no uncertainty anymore. Your soul is so bored that it wants to experience something else. Your soul decided to experience the opposite. It wants to be poor or better yet, your soul wants to live a life like a pig. He wants to experience what it feels like to be killed, treated really bad, and in the end of his life, his body is going to be used to help nourish people. You reincarnated as a pig to know what it feels like. After than you thought, you should be a tree. You want to know what it feels like to shelter human beings or animals. After that, you want to know what it feels like to be an insect. After that you want to know what it feels like to be an object like a rock. You want to know what it feels like to be stationary, to be slow and everyone is moving very fast. Maybe you want to know what it feels like to be a molecule that cleans the atmosphere or you want to know what it would be like to be like water that nourishes animals or allow everyone to live in the ocean. You can be anything you want.


Your Soul Has A Purpose

Before your soul comes to Earth, it will have a purpose. Your soul wants to learn or experience something. Your soul cannot experience this event in the afterlife because in the afterlife, your soul always has certainty of everything. Your soul comes to Earth to experience separation, feelings of not being loved, individuality and so on. This explains why there are poor people, rich people, disabled people and so on. Your soul came here to learn something and it plans this lesson way before it came here. It created contracts where you will meet people, you will get information, and you will get everything you need in order experience this lesson or experience. For example, the most common reason for disabled people is that your soul wants to know about how to be humble and humility. Someone’s purpose maybe to experience being alone so they become a priest. You picked your parents, events, create contracts with other souls so that these souls or people can teach you something and you will be able to experience your life lesson or your purpose. So everyone you will meet will be able to teach you something and will be able to influence you in some way even if the encounter is very brief.


My Contracts

I do not know my purpose. I am trying to see my talents, abilities, knowledge, wisdom and etc but no idea what my purpose is. I am looking into my life to see my purpose but I do not know what that is but I do know what my contract is to most people. When you meet me, my soul will have a contract with your soul. I am here to teach you one thing. If you know me, can you guess what that one thing is? Most of the time, I am here to teach this lesson. Is it Love? Is it happiness? Is it loving your life? Is it change? What did you learn when you meet me if you ever did?

My contract is most of the time to teach people that “every moment in your life is precious and you can never get these moments back or relive them.” Sometimes I teach this through positive events, sometimes negative, and sometimes neutral. If you ever meet me, you will learn this lesson or I will influence it or give you a nudge in that direction.


There Is Part 2 Of This But The Theories In There Are Very Very Very Hard To Understand And I Will See If I Can Write It In The Future


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